#slayit with TaxSlayer

Powerserve is one of the primary marketing partners with TaxSlayer, an online tax preparation technology company headquartered in Augusta, Georgia.

We have over 10 years experience with the Google DV 360 platform, previously called BidManager. This platform allows us to work smarter with end-to-end campaign management in one tool – delivering media planning, creative development, measurement and optimization for online advertising campaigns. Our strategy for TaxSlayer uses the DV 360 platform throughout the sales cycle and supports the aggressive growth goals set by the technology upstart.

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We break down our approach using Prospecting and Remarketing tactics with robust targeting. Prospecting campaigns and budgets allow us to cast a wide net by targeting different demographics of users on the internet and serving smart banner ads at the right place and right time. In addition, we can use “lookalike” audiences to serve ads to users that already “look like” TaxSlayer’s existing customers. Remarketing tactics keep ads in front of people who have engaged with the brand. That means that if people have interacted with an ad or visited the TaxSlayer website, we can serve them ads directly, increasing their opportunity to convert.

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Since we have been working with TaxSlayer for over 9 years, we can leverage that experience to navigate complex tax season obstacles. From political upheaval to pandemics, we know that tax preparation can be the last thing on someone’s mind. But then, as soon as W2’s are delivered, we have to be ready to be in front of potential customers. Our unique combination of team members and processes allows us to pivot quickly for our customers and ensure that we are using budgets efficiently AND effectively.

By serving ads on high quality websites within the Google Networks and using our experience and platform knowledge, we were able to decrease the CPA (cost per acquisition) of gaining a new customer for TaxSlayer over 320% in 2020! 

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