Powerserve takes pride in both the user-interface and performance of your app, and ensures that it is designed to enhance your user's experience with improved accessibility and functionality on a mobile-friendly platform. Our team will discuss your requirements, budget and objectives, making suggestions for additional useful features for inclusion, where appropriate.


Our team will discuss your requirements, budget and objectives. We'll make suggestions based on experience for additional useful features or changes along the way. At Powerserve you'll be able to meet or have direct contact to the team members building your project. We share our experience and help you plan your project for the best possible results.

Time Frame

We'll work with you to create a detailed project plan that includes a timeline for milestones and a completed project. This varies greatly depending on the size of the project.

Mockups & Visuals

A wireframe (blueprint) and mock-ups are designed, and reviewed with you to clarify requirements and expectations. The wireframes incorporate every aspect of your programming project.


We turn your concept into a full-featured, high-quality app. From .NET to PHP or whatever your project needs, we write the code to make it all happen. We run it through rigorous quality assurance testing before we launch your application.


We publish your mobile or web app to the necessary platforms and you're ready to go!

Support & Maintenance

Unlike most programming companies you'll have access to the programmer or programmers who built your software. You'll be able to email them directly for changes and other support issues. In addition, all our sites have a 24/7 monitoring system with a team of programmers who work to fix any serious issues that may arise.

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