Information systems are connected everywhere you go in today's data-driven world. Shouldn't the systems in your manufacturing plant be as well? A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from Powerserve can be the difference-maker in your plant by consolidating all of your data into a centralized portal. This allows you to easily track key performance indicators, highlight ways to improve your processes, and give operators on the floor the data and structure they need to make the correct decisions at the right times.

See How Powerserve Helped Purification Cellutions Reach Record Production Using a Custom MES Solution

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Custom MES App Development

  • Custom tailored solutions to fit your specific business needs
  • Scalable and flexible as you grow
  • Cloud-based to provide you access to your data from anywhere

System Integration

  • Integrate existing systems already in your plant
  • Integrate with ERP software (such as SAP) to link your business processes to your production line
  • Centralize data from SCADA systems for easier OEE tracking

Data Visualization Reporting

  • Custom reports to filter your data in meaningful ways
  • Real-time visualizations to quickly recognize trends and take action
  • Export your data to industry-standard formats for sharing throughout your organization

Powerserve also can provide you with tools to use with existing systems already in place in your plant.


Provide real time communication of important messages to different areas of your plant for management, other shifts, and other affected areas.

Machine Maintenance/Downtime Logs

Logging modules allow you to track unplanned downtime for your machines so you can improve your OEE and see any trends that may be preventing you from achieving your optimal uptime.


Track your parts and reduce the chance of data entry errors by using our barcoding technology solution. It will allow you to produce barcodes for individual parts, batches, or runs and then use a scanner to read those barcodes and retrieve information attached to those pieces.

Employee Management

This module allows you to track employee labor hours in different areas in your plant. Also, when paired with other modules or one of our MES solutions, we can restrict employee access to different areas and provide audit trails for your data.

Data Exporting Tools

Our exporting tools can get your data out of where it is and into many formats including Excel, XML, JSON, and CSV so that you can manipulate and share it however you want.

Serial Port Integration Tool

Connected instruments pose the challenge of getting the data from the instrument to your application or device. Our web-based integration tool provides a clean, easy, and reliable option for getting readings from your instruments.

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